How Do I Host a Halo Birthday Party?

Whatever happened to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” for a Birthday Party Game?

Those days are long gone, especially when your son or daughter reaches the age when they are too cool for “kids” games. Today kids want to impress their friends with something different, new, fun and exciting. Now you’ve been given the challenge to host a Halo Reach/e themed birthday party for your son’s/daughter’s birthday party.

What do you do? What is a Halo birthday party in the first place? How do I setup one? Where do I get Halo party invitations? We have the answers to your questions and we can customize the party invitations for you for only $10. We also give you a FREE birthday party hat template, (with instructions) a halo place mat and thank you notes; all customized with your son’s or daughter’s name.

You can see the different designs now by clicking here.

Alright stick with me here this can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s quite easy.

Step 1: Get your date set and get your custom Halo party invitations and send them out to the recruits.

Step 2: If you don’t want to setup a network in your home, find a gaming center that hosts halo parties. Best way to go this, Search Google for something like “video gaming center+your city/state here”. A lot of these places will have everything setup ready for you to show-up and play. If you don’t have a gaming center in your area, here is the next best thing.

  • Four people can play on one Xbox but most Xboxs have only one or two controllers. So when you send the invitations make sure you tell them to bring their own Xbox 360 controller.

  • If you have 8 people coming to the party. Contact one of the party goers and talk with their parents about borrowing their Xbox 360 console and Halo Reach/3 game. Each system must have its own game to play. The Xbox 360 comes with a system link cable and you just have to have them about 15 feet from each other to connect them and play.

  • You can have up to 16 people, but you’ll need 4 Xboxes, 4 games, 4 TVs and a simple network.

Step 3:  If your son/daughter has an Xbox Live account they can download all sorts of different game types to their Xbox. A big party favorite is GrifBall. This game is really fun and even the most novas of Halo players can play. There’s no sniping, Battle Riffles (BRs), grenades, bubble shields or any fancy weapons. It’s just a bomb, gravity hammer and an energy sword.

GrifBall Game Variant:

Grifball Game Map:

Step 4: Let them have fun. Let the gaming go on all night. Lock the house, set the alarm and let the party continue. Once they get going they won’t stop until the next morning.

These parties are really a lot of fun and be prepared for the gleeful screams that will be coming from your living room, but believe me, it'll be a birthday they won't soon forget.

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